Mercenary Commandos (1974)

(aka) Six Soldiers
Four recruits arrive at Kimberley station to undergo training at the local army camp. Soutie (Richard Loring), Liebling (Lieb Bester), Tiny (Ken Hare) and PP (Friedrich Stark) soon become friends as they are put through their paces by the sergeant-major (Barry Trengove). They all volunteer for border duty, where they are joined by Chico, a black tracker (Sydney Chama), and are sent out on patrol. After they come upon a murdered farm family, their radio is destroyed by enemy fire and they are required to find their way back to base camp. In the ensuing skirmishes three of them perish. Very much a film of its time, it was partly shot at the Danie Theron Krygskool and was intended to marshal popular support for the South African Defence Force during a period when white conscripts were being called up to fight the invading "terrorists". Written by Anonymous

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